Guildwood Park

Sitting on the edge of the Scarborough Bluffs, Guildwood Park is a unique wetland environment within the city of Toronto. On its other boundaries, the park is surrounded by a couple of large apartment buildings, a high school, and the former Guild Inn grounds.

Many of the photos here are in black and white, which is quite intentional. Although they were originally in color, they just look better in monochrome. Sometimes, color distracts too much from the essence of the photo. In addition, plain prose seemed wholly innapropriate for some photos.

Ousterhout Log Cabin


April 2000, Guildwood Village, Toronto, Canada

Plaque in front of log cabin in Guildwood Park:

Ousterhout Log Cabin

Oldest building in Scarbourough. Built in 1795 by Augustus Jones who was commisioned by John Graves Simcoe first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada to survey Scarborough. William Ousterhout later received the first crwon grant of land from King George III in 1805.


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At the Edge of the Bluffs
Scene at the edge of the bluffs in Guildwood park. May 11, 2003.
Muddy Path Through the Wetlands
Path through the wetlands. May 11, 2003.
View of Scarborough Bluffs
View of the Scarborough bluffs. June 7, 2003.
Wet Leaves in Spring
Leaves and water in spring. May 11, 2003.
Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker spotted in woods, April 2000.
Ousterhout Log Cabin
Ousterhout Log Cabin, the oldest building in Scarborough, April 2000.