Churches 7

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Glen Rhodes
Glen Rhodes United Church. April 10, 2005.

Neighbourhood UU
Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation. April 10, 2005.

Highfield Road
Highfield Road Gospel Hall. April 10, 2005.

Hue Lam
Hue Lam Buddhist Church. April 10, 2005.

Calvary Baptist
Calvary Baptist Church. April 10, 2005.

Christadelphian Church, Church Street. March 18, 2005.

St. Paul's
St. Paul's Anglican, Bloor Street East. March 18, 2005.

Trinity Lutheran, Sherbourne Street. March 18, 2005.

St. Simon
St. Simon the Apostle, Bloor Street East. March 18, 2005.

Forward Baptist
Forward Baptist Church. February 27, 2005.

St. John's
St. John's Catholic Church. February 13, 2005.

Kingston Road United
Kingston Road United Church. February 13, 2005.


"Those who say they believe that the Bible is literally and factually true - and wholly without error of any kind - do more harm than good to the cause they earnestly seek to serve."
Tom Harpur, Toronto Star column, December 5, 2004.

"Those who lack discrimination may quote the letter of the scripture, but they are really denying its inner truth."

"My favorite definition of religion is 'a misinterpretation of mythology'. And the misinterpretation consists precisely in attributing historical references to symbols which properly are spiritual in their reference."
Joseph Campbell.

"How is it that little children are so intelligent and men are so stupid? It must be education that does it."
Alexandre Dumas.

"Names given to worldly things are very deceptive for they divert our thoughts from what is correct to what is incorrect. Thus one who hears the word 'God' does not perceive what is correct, but perceives what is incorrect. So also with 'the Father' and 'the Son' and 'the Holy Spirit' and 'life' and 'light' and 'resurrection' and 'the Church' and all the rest - people do not perceive what is correct, but they perceive what is incorrect, unless thay have come to know what is correct."
The Gospel of Philip, translated by Wesley Isenberg.