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Sudoku #22

Category: Sudoku
Thu, 14 Jul 2005, 21:56

I know how much everyone likes listening to phone messages left by telemarketers. Yesterday, some local company left an interesting message. It went something like: "I'm from the XYZ Dating Service. I'm calling to follow up on some information we mailed to you...". Although the information previously sent was junk mail addressed to "occupant", I can imagine someone listening to the message, and then suspecting his or her spouse of playing games!

Is this some devious new marketing strategy for the dating services? Are they so desparate for business that they're willing to try to break up otherwise healthy relationships in the hope that some of them might eventually use their services? Why else would they try to drum up business in a family-friendly, middle-class neighborhood of single-family homes? Wouldn't they get more business in areas popular with singles, like Eglinton Avenue at Yonge or Mount Pleasant?

Anyways, if you have no need of a dating service, why not print out two copies of todays puzzle so both you and your partner can have some quiet Sudoku time together.


  8 1
9   2
5 6  
3   5
  7 6
3   5
8 4  

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