2006 New Items - Fleischmann, Roco

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Fri, 27 Jan 2006, 19:49

The new items flyer from Fleischmann has been released. Ever since I started seriously into model railroading, I've been a fan of Fleischmann models, which make up most of my rolling stock. But as an Era I fan, I'm limited to their annual limited edition series'. Generally, I need to read their Neuheiten flyer and put in my order early in the year.

This year, they have two limited edition sets covering Era I. As expected, one is a commuter train pulled by a T10. The train, in K.P.u.G.H.St.E. colors, includes a three-axle baggage van, a three-axle 2nd/3rd class compartment coach, and a three-axle 4th class compartment coach. An additional 4th class coach will also be offered to extend the train. The other set commemorates the 90th anniversary of MITROPA, a company famous for its restaurant and sleeper coaches. The train consists of a T18 in P.St.E.V. markings, a bogie baggage wagon, a six-axle bogie restaurant wagon, and two bogie sleeper coaches. An additional sleeper coach will be available separately.

Elsewhere in the flyer, you can read about a new version of the BR17 locomotive, in DRG markings. Based on the past, most people will expect that next year's Fleischmann limited edition set will feature a Prussian S10.1 pulling an express passenger train.

What will I order from Fleischmann this year? Nothing, unfortunately. First, I'll pass on the T10 commuter train since Hessen is a bit too far south for my layout. Secondly, although I think the T18 was one of the most attractive of the Prussian locomotives, the P.St.E.V. is somewhat outside of my layout's time frame. Besides, I still don't need any new passenger trains! And why isn't Fleischmann offering any Era I freight wagons this year?

And what about Roco? I haven't seen their new items flyer yet, but I did find a price list at one on-line retailer. As usual, they don't have much in the way of Era I offerings. I see three green three-axle compartment coaches and a green three-axle post van with KPEV markings. I'll pass on these too, since I prefer the more colorful Prussian paint schemes. But that price list also includes a two-axle Rungenwagen from the MFFE! As someone whose paternal ancesters came from Mecklenburg, this is the one item I'll absolutely have to have.


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