Dolmen-Sylvanau Update - June 2007

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Wed, 06 Jun 2007, 10:41

I haven't provided many updates on my layout progress lately. Part of that is due to laziness and being too busy with other things. Part of that is because my old camera broke down and couldn't be repaired. But a couple of months ago, I bought a new camera, and so that latter excuse is no longer valid. As for the former excuse, I quit my job and plan to take the Summer off work. (I'll look for a new job in the Fall.)

First, I've decided on a name for the larger town on my layout, "Dolmen". I had planned on adding a hill in a new section of the layout. Often, such a hill in Germany would be topped by a cross representing the dominant religion of the region. But in a spate of whimsy, I decided to put a statue of Buddha on top of the hill. When I couldn't find a suitable small Buddha, even at the Pacific Mall, I changed gears and instead decided to add a neolithic pagan stone monument, which were actually not uncommon in Northern Germany. This offered the inspiration for the new name.

Now, some photos showing my current progress. The first photo shows a factory area served by a siding. For the area to the left of the factory, I added some small industrial buildings. The left-most building was a kit-bashed effort. The kit included a flat roof, but I wanted a sloped roof instead. The other building was built entirely from scratch.

photo of industrial area

The second photo shows the area currently under development. At first, I wanted my layout to represent a predominantly flat area. But later, I decided I wanted some hills with exposed rock faces. On a prominent rocky crag, I put a church. This was a gift from my parents who thought I needed more churches on my layout. They obviously weren't aware of the two existing churches on the layout!

photo of area under development

I'm still in the process of adding molded rock faces, but when that's done, I'll let the plaster cure for a few days before applying paint. In the meantime, I can paint and ballast the track running behind this hill. In the foreground, there will be a few more hills with a road running over the stone bridge and a pond.

Anyways, since I have free time now, I'll try to update this blog a bit more often than before.



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