Model Railroading Is Fun!

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Tue, 22 Feb 2005, 18:50

"Model Railroading is Fun!" This slogan graced the cover of one model railroading magazine for years. Is model railroading fun? Of course! It should be an obvious statement for anyone, even for those who are not rail fans. For me, there are few things I enjoy more than sitting in the middle of my layout and watching a train run around the room.

Unfortunately, some modellers need to be reminded of this from time to time. Occasionally, people write things like "Remember, model railroading is supposed to be fun". It is unfortunate, but the reminder is sometimes necessary.

I don't mean to pick on one particular person, but one modeller illustrates my point nicely. He built an award winning layout that he proudly displayed at several model railroading meets in Europe. But he wasn't satisfied. He stripped the layout down to the baseboards and rebuilt it. Previously, the layout represented a small mainline station in 1920's Bavaria. After the reconstruction, the layout represented, get this, another small mainline station in 1920's Bavaria.

Did he have fun? I wonder. On a public discussion board, he claims to enjoy his pastime. But in contrast, he also described the anxiety he experienced working overtime getting the new layout ready for one particular exhibition.

Maybe this is an extreme example of a model railroader who takes the hobby a bit too seriously. Or perhaps I'm the one who's out of synch with the rest of the railroad modelling community. If I'm the oddball railroad modeller, then so be it. I've pretty much sworn off all the on-line railroad discussion groups. And that one little step has actually increased my enjoyment of the hobby.


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