2005 Toronto Model Railway Show

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Sun, 20 Mar 2005, 14:21

Every year, the Toronto and York Division of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association put on a model railway show. This years show was the 30th annual, and probably the last. To say this years show was a disappointment is to actually redefine the word "disappointment". In the future, dictionaries may well include a picture of this train show alongside the definition of the word "disappointment".

Without having taken any written notes, I can easily describe pretty much all of the show. At one end of the school were the video room and a room with no more than a dozen vendors. At the other end was a room with fewer than half a dozen model railroading clubs. Here is a complete list of the clubs with layouts: The Toronto "N" Scale club. That's it! No H0 layouts. No 00 layouts. No S, 0, or Z layouts!

Is this a reflection of lack of a diminishing interest in trains among the population? No, I don't think so. Other local shows are still well attended. The last Christmas Train Show (at the International Center) was very well attended. And other shows in much smaller nearby cities, like Whitby and Port Hope, are still popular.

Past years have seen superb Toronto Model Railway Shows. We can only hope that the show organizers can bring back at least some of the shows former glory in the future. But it's my guess that we won't see a 31st annual show.


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