New Layout Extension Takes Shape

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Tue, 31 Jan 2006, 19:17

I mentioned before that I was in the middle of a major renovation in my basement. One aspect of the improvement is that I plan to move my study from one end of the basement to the recreation room, half of which is already occupied by my train layout. In retrospect, this seems like a pretty obvious arrangement. But before I can make the change, a lot of work has to be done first, such as pulling out four tonnes of stone and concrete (done), ripping out 40 square meters of parquet flooring (done), putting in new windows (done), as well as a new wall and floor.

The new arrangement will offer some additional advantages other than having all my stuff in one room. For instance, I'll also be able to increase the size of my H0 layout somewhat. The one thing my layout currently lacks is a decent setup yard. My plan is to run a spur track off the mainline to a new four-track setup yard positioned above my computer desk. This way, I'll have some space to park trains when not in use.

New spur track
Roadbed for new spur track.

The above photo shows some of the work already in progress. I cut a section of track out of the mainline where I'll add a Peco large radius Y turnout. I really didn't want to put the mainline on the curved side of a turnout, but it was really the only good alternative. Besides, the large radius Y has gentle curves on both branches. And when viewed from the middle of the layout, the curve will be barely noticable.

I cut out a section of the landscape and added a length of 11mm plywood. The photo shows the cork roadbed already in place, but no track yet. That track will be laid after the turnout is glued into place and after the new scenery is installed. The details of the landscape beside the spur aren't important since it will be largely hidden from normal view, but it will represent a shallow cut through the hill.


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