Welcome to boldts.net!


Welcome to this diverse collection of photographs and information about a variety of topics. boldts.net began as a modest personal web page hosted on Geocities, with just a few dozen visits per week. Since then it has grown and grown. In 2017, the site joined the modern world and was converted to a WordPress site.


This web site is owned and maintained by Hans Boldt and Sylvana Grisonich-Boldt. We are a middle-aged, middle-class couple living in suburban Kingston with our daughter and cats. We met in 1993, and since we were so obviously right for each other, we got married the following year.


One of the strengths of the internet is that people from around the world can share what they know with others. We offer information about things around us, places we’ve been, and things we’re interested in. By the number of visitors to this site, we know many of these things are also of interest to others. boldts.net is simply our way to pay back for all the useful stuff we find on the internet.


Although this might seem like a lot of work, it really isn’t. We take photographs of places we visit anyways. It’s then simply a matter of formatting them, writing some text, and uploading the material.