Our Cats

About two weeks after we moved into our present house, we got our two cats at a garage sale. The woman taking care of them inherited them from her brother who had recently died. She had other cats and dogs already, so she couldn't keep them.


Photo of Catcher

Catcher is the older cat. He is moody and often insists on attention. Often, when we wake up in the morning, we'll find Catcher sleeping between us!

Photo of Catcher sitting on top of Sylvana

Catcher lying on top of Sylvana. This is not a posed shot - Catcher likes to sit on top of either of us.

Photo of Catcher sunning himself

Catcher at one of his favorite spots in the middle of the day. Around noon, sunlight comes streaming in onto the basement stairs. As the Sun moves, Catcher also moves to stay in the light.


Photo of Jitterbug

Jitterbug is the younger cat. He is the definitive curious cat. He likes to be near people, but not too close.

Photo of Jitterbug sitting at the kitchen table

Jitterbug sitting at kitchen table

Photo of Jitterbug