stained glass pieces
Some 2007 Christmas gifts.

As if I really need another hobby, Sylvana encouraged me to take a course in stained glass. In the Fall of 2007, she signed me up for a course at the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre in Scarborough. The course started with seven students, but after the costs were revealed, three dropped out immediately. Four students in the class was more manageable since there was often a lineup to use the single grinder.

Starting out in the hobby can be difficult because of the equipment required. As mentioned, Cedar Ridge offers a course, but that course requires purchase of almost all equipment needed except for a grinder. Some local stained glass stores also offer courses, which may provide other tools to their students. So before signing up for a course, check the supplies list first to see what the upfront costs are.

But even before the course at Cedar Ridge was over, I decided to invest in a grinder too (along with all the other tools already purchased). I could have spent some money on another course, but I felt that I'd make better use out of my own grinder. This way, I'm not dependent on equipment at another location. I may still take other courses in the future to learn specific skills.

In this section of my web site, I show off some of my stained glass pieces.