Moll Album

Here are some more old photos of the Moll family.

Moll children, ca. 1939
Moll children, 1939. From left: Marritje, Gerrit, Dirk, Johanna, Geertje, Hein, Gerrie, Herman, Alida.

Moll children
Two Moll children, with grandmother Marretje Laseur behind them. The house with the no-parking sign is the Moll home on the Venestraat. Since this street was at one time a major thoroughfare in Nijkerk, that corner was the site of several motor vehicle accidents. After one collision, the corner was rebuilt, but unfortunately without the window.

Venestraat, Nijkerk
The Venestraat in Nijkerk in 1975 before the old Moll home was demolished to make way for a new street.