Celebrity Model Railroaders

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Celebrity Model Railroaders

Celebrity Famous for Model railroading notes
Tim Allen comedian ?
Roseanne Barr TV personality "The Roseanne Show"  
Claude Bolling composer, jazz pianist American H0, 1930's
Tom Brokow newscaster H0
Yul Brynner actor  
Billy Butterfield swing band conductor  
Roy Campanella baseball player Lionel
Johnny Cash country music singer songwriter Lionel
Gary Coleman actor "Diff'rent Strokes"

"Currently I'm doing Lionel trains. I'm doing them as prototypically as possible, even though they are toy trains. I still like to do it as realistically as possible." From an online interview at ABC News

Also, reportedly an N-Scale modeller. (Marc)

.Phil Collins rock singer  
Kevin Costner actor

"...is said to be a railroad enthusiast, and there was at least one report I read somewhere which state he was one of the individuals which the C&O 614 steam locomotive was to be auctioned to in the late 1990s (but he did NOT purchase it)."


Richard Crenna actor

LGB modeller. Was once chided by his wife for cleaning his track over her new carpet

Roger Daltrey Lead singer of the Who Building an extensive European H0 layout in his loft
Joe DiMaggio baseball player Lionel
.Walt Disney producer live steam & other various train interests
James Doohan actor (Star Trek)

"... seen in a TV Guide issue in the mid-1990s working on the brake cylinder of a coach in the L.A. area, and the feature article said he was heavily into trains, was in an L.A. area railroaders club, and had an extensive collection of model trains on display in his home."


Ed Dougherty pro golfer Lionel - "Houses his collection in a two-story building behind his home."
John Entwistle the Who H0 modeller and collector
Arthur Godfrey TV show host Lionel
Hermann Göring head of German Luftwaffe rumored to have had an extensive Märklin layout
Whoopi Goldberg actor Reported to be a train fan, and travels by train when practical.
Rick Green comedian "The Frantics", ."The Red Green Show" Member of a Toronto model railroad club
Michael Gross actor "Family Ties"

A passionate trainfan, who prefers train travel to flying. He is a railway historian, photographer, and modeller.

Merle Haggard country singer active H0 modeller, he recorded an album titled "My Love Affair With Trains"
. Tom Hanks film star, producer  
David Hasselhoff Actor LGB
Tommy Hunter country singer building a layout in his basement
Elton John rock star garden railroad
.Michael Jordan basketball player (Rumored to be a model railroader. There's a Cincinatti model train collector named Michael Jordan, but is he the Michael Jordan?)
Jay Leno TV talk show host ?
.Gil Melle Jazz saxophonist frequent contributor to Rail Model Craftsman
.Roger Miller singer  
Vaughn Monroe singer, trumpeter, leader of the Vaughn Monroe Orchestra

Relaxed by tinkering with model trains. He built his own H0 scale locomotives.

"Wish I could carry a small layout with me. We travel by air so much to meet engagements that I'd have to leave some of the instruments behind to get one in the plane. Guess that's out."

Sang the railroad song "In the Middle of the House".

Mandy Patinkin actor "Chicago Hope" Lionel
Ricardo Patrese formula 1 race car driver collects Märklin
John Pertwee actor "Doctor Who" ?
Sam Posey race car driver layout featured in Model Railroader
Sally Jesse Raphael TV talk show host Z-Scale. N-Scale.
Joe Regalbuto actor "Murphy Brown" garden railroad featured in "Garden Railways" magazine
Lionel Ritchie Singer LGB
Jim Scancarelli cartoonist "Gasoline Alley" photos featured in Walthers catalog
Rick Schroder actor "Silver Spoons", "NYPD Blue"  
Frank Sinatra singer had extensive Lionel layout in his home.
Tom Snyder TV talk show host Lionel
Bruce Springsteen rock star  
Patrick Stewart actor (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

"... was quoted as saying he's 'a big-time railway buff'. In 'The making of Star Trek: First Contact', the movie used Los Angeles Union Station as the setting for a holographic dance sequence."


.Rod Stewart rock star

"He stopped in at Spotlight Model Railroad in Kansas City. The owner was telling me he looked out front and saw this limo, next thing he turns the corner and there's Rod Stewart at the counter looking at brass.

"He points to this one and that one says I'll take this this and this. A guy with him cuts the check.

"Sounds like just what I would do if I ever became a rich and famous rock star. :)"

"Dave in Kansas"

"Rod Stewart has two layouts that I know of; in LA he models the Pennsy and at his home here at Epping he models the English East Coast line in British Railways days.

"He lives not far away from me in distance but a whole world away in reality. It's not a house he lives in, it's a mansion with acres of land."

another Dave

"I'd love to be on the cover of Railway Modeller. That would mean more to me than the cover of Rolling Stone."

Rod Stewart

Danny Sullivan race car driver  
Donald Sutherland actor  
Mel Torme singer

On his divorce, he said "I prefer my trains to my wife"?

"Several years ago, I think around 1992~93, one of my co-workers had arranged a meeting between Mel Torme and myself about refurbishing a small-ish layout (I believe it was either a 6 x 10 or 8 x 12 table top HO). The work was to consist of re-wiring and turnout replacement, and perhaps some assistance for the scenery too. As I remember it, Mel obtained the layout from a friend of his.

"My co-worker and I met Mel at his home near Beverly Hills where I was to examine the layout. Mel greeted us and led us into what is best described as a library - except instead of wall-to-wall books, Mel had wall-to-wall trains! I would say better than 80% was vintage lionel or tin-plate, and most of the collection was in near-prestine condition. I must admit I was never much of a fan of Mel Torme before the meeting (way before my time, I suppose), but I suddenly liked everything about him from then on out. Each time I heard his name mentioned, I recalled the short meeting at his home and his wonderful (and impressive) train collection. :o)

"A sad when Mel died several years back...I wonder what ever became of those glorious trains...?"


.Neil Young rock star Part owner of Lionel Trains, tours with Lionel layout in a trailer

Fictitious Model Railroaders

Name From Model railroading notes
Gomez Addams ."The Addams Family" (TV show, movie) Enjoys blowing up Lionel trains
Reverend Lovejoy ."The Simpsons" (TV show)  
John Patterson "For Better Or For Worse" (Daily comic strip) G-Scale. (Lynn Johnston's ex-husband has a garden railway.)