United States Album

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Boldt Castle
View of Heart Island and Boldt Castle from Alexandria Bay NY. July 1976.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge on an overcast day. San Francisco CA, July 1990.

Grand Canyon
View of the Grand Canyon from the air. 1989.

Rockets on the lawn of the Johnson Space Center. Clear Lake City TX, October 1984.

Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore as seen from an approach road. May 2002.

Scene in Reno, NV. April 1987.

Canada Geese on the shore of Silver Lake. Rochester MN, March 1985.

San Francisco Bay
View of San Francisco Bay from the the air. April 1987.

Upper New York Bay. New York NY, February 1980.

A side street in SOHO looking south. New York NY, February 1980.


Although we've both visited our neighbor to the south a number of times, we don't really have a lot of good photos. So, for this album, we've borrowed a couple of photos from other family members.