Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo
Entrance to the Toronto Zoo.

On a site occupying 287 hectares in the Rouge Valley, the Toronto Zoo is one of the city’s premiere attractions. About 1.2 million people visit the zoo each year, with many of us making multiple visits during the year. Many Torontonians with kids know that a zoo membership is one of the best entertainment deals in the city.

See Part 2  for more animal photos from the Toronto Zoo.

Toronto Zoo

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Hippo Sumatran Tiger Baboon
Elephants Giraffe Mountain Goat
Hippo Llama Zebra
Macaque Rhino Elephant
Zebra Lion Lion
Kudu Siberian Tiger Siberian Tiger
Reindeer Reindeer Mouflon
Hyena Moose White Rhino
Sumatran Tigers Grizzly Bears Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bears Cougar Warthogs
Dhole Red River Hogs Marabou Stork