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1956 Boldts and Molls

All of my ancestors lived in Europe. My father, was born in Hamburg, Germany. His ancestors lived in the Grand-Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, now the western part of the German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. My mothers family lived in the Netherlands. Both families emigrated to Canada in the early 1950's. This photo shows my parents (Ernst Boldt and Johanna Maria Moll) and grand-parents on the day of my parents' wedding, Boldts on the left, Molls on the right.

This site captures the current state of my genealogy research. Since researching Dutch ancestors is much easier, most of the data is for Dutch relatives. Also included is data for my Dutch in-law aunts and uncles. However, since they are in-laws, I haven't applied the same level of diligence or completeness that I try to do for my blood relatives. Normally, I try to find original source records of births, marriages, and deaths for all of my relatives, as well as their spouses. But I usually delve further into in-law families when there are interesting inter-relationships between various branches of the family. So far, though, I haven't found any connections between the Molls and the in-law families.

If you find any information here useful, do not cite this site. Instead, download the scans of the original source documents and cite them. I make no guarantees that the URL's within this site will remain constant over time.


Pannekoek Gerrits van de Veen Wubbels Sanders van de Bunt van Essen Jans van Apeldoorn Hupkes van Sadelhoff Bakker de Roos Boldt Gerritsen van den Pol Moll Willemsen Wulff van Sadelhof Schut van Beek van Maanen Hendriks Labots Jansen Braakman Vink Geerlings Schmidt Evers Brouwer van den Brink Berendsen Kets van den Berg van de Kamp van Zadelhoff Laseur Wentink
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Note: If you find this information useful, do not cite this web site. Instead, cite the primary sources listed here. Feel free to download the images and include them in your own database.