Getting Rid of Junk

There’s an old saying: “Stuff is the junk you keep, junk is the stuff you get rid of”. Not all of it can go in the weekly curbside trash pickup. So what do you do with all the rest of your junk? As if sorting through the weekly trash isn’t complicated enough, there are numerous destinations for all the junk cluttering our garages.

Today, I filled my car with a load of junk, and headed out. My first stop was the local Habitat ReStore on Gardiners Road where I dropped off  a heavy box of nails left in our house by the previous owners.

Next, I went to the nearby Staples store to drop off a couple of dead flat-screen computer monitors. To find out where you can drop off your old electronics, visit Recycle My Electronics.

My third stop was the metal waste bin at Kimco, on John Counter Boulevard. It was a popular spot today, with three other people dumping stuff, or rather, junk, while I was there.

I then had some old paint cans to get rid of. In Kingston, you drop them off at the Hazardous Waste Depot at the Kingston Area Recycling Centre, 196 Lappan’s Lane. Note that they’re only open two days a week, on Thursdays and Saturdays.

My fifth and last stop was also at the Recycling Centre, but at the Yard Waste Dropoff. I often drop off bags of weeds, branches, and leaves there. This time, I just had two bags.

So five different types of junk, and five places to bring them! If you want to find out where you can go with your junk in Kingston, check out the Waste Sorting Lookup page.

Cheers! Hans


Nothing defines Canada as much as Winter. Every December, the question everyone asks: Will it be a white Christmas? This year, there was no doubt. Considering the amount of rain we had during the rest of the year, the quantity of snow falling in December didn’t come as much of a surprise. We had a fair bit of snow in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and still more snow on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning was bright and sunny, with even more snow on the ground.

We had no choice. We planned on having lunch with my mother-in-law on Christmas day. At her retirement home, they had a special turkey dinner planned, and we promised to be there.

We started shoveling, but I had my doubts. It didn’t take long to clear half the driveway, enough to get the car out. But our street looked bad. Fortunately, a few cars had already carved out some furrows in the snow. When we set out, I once again appreciated the advantages of front-wheel drive as we made our way, slowly, along the snow-covered streets.

Fortunately, we didn’t have far to go since it’s only a 3km drive to my mother-in-law. The biggest challenge was crossing Taylor-Kidd Boulevard, where we saw one car that needed to be pushed through. But with patience and careful navigation through the snow, we managed. And the closer we got to our destination, the better the roads became.

These photos show our street on Boxing Day. The snow plow finally came by late on Christmas Day, which meant I had a bit more shoveling to do. Certainly, we’ll see more snow this Winter. But we’re only five days into the season, and the snow piles can’t get much higher.

Cheers! Hans

Kingston Pen Tour

We finally got around to taking the tour of the old Kingston Pen. Last Summer, the tours were very popular, and by the time I went on-line to buy tickets, they were all sold out. This year, I booked tickets well in advance, and had a good selection of tour times.

Here are some of the pictures I took during our visit: