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When we upgraded our home internet to high-speed broadband a few years ago, I hoped to update the genealogy data on my web site more often. With our old 2Mbps internet, it could take hours to upload the data. With a fiber optic connection, uploading a 4.4GB tarball takes about 10 minutes. That said, a few weeks ago I noticed that I hadn’t updated the information in more than two years! So I figured it was about time to do an upgrade.

One change I made for this version is a different photo on the home page. Since the site is called “Boldts and Molls”, I thought it appropriate to have a photo with both Boldts and Molls. This photo taken on April 7, 1956 is perhaps the only one I have with my parents and all four grand-parents. From left to right in the photo, Hans Wilhelm Joachim Boldt, Anna Paula Alwina Hermine Ludwigs, Ernst Ludwig Boldt, Johanna Maria Moll, Gerrit Moll, and Johanna Maria van de Bunt.

As a general rule, I try to include full birth, marriage, and death data for all of my blood relatives, including where possible scans of the original source documents. I also apply this standard to the spouses of blood relatives. However, when I find interesting inter-relationships between various in-law families, I often go further to map out these inter-relationships. As my database grows, finding such connections is becoming more and more common. Check the Genealogy category of this blog, and you’ll find a number of example of such connections.

I also include some data for some of my in-law aunts and uncles, in particular, for those born in the Netherlands: Leen Moraal, Joop van Dyk, Henk Honing, and Diane Luimes. This information is not complete, and in many cases relies on secondary sources. However, for 16 of my 28 first cousins, this can provide at least some information about the other side of their pedigree. And if any of my cousins want to dive in to the hobby of genealogy, this can give them a good head start.

Anyways, click here, or on any of the links mentioned in this post to start exploring the Boldts and Molls.

Cheers! Hans

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