Family of Wubbels, Derk and Poppink, Hindrika Johanna


Married Husband Wubbels, Derk
Married Wife Poppink, Hindrika Johanna
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage Banns 1798-03-17 Winterswijk, Gelderland, Nederland  
Marriage 1798-04-01 Winterswijk, Gelderland, Nederland  
  1. Wubbels, Gesijna
  2. Wubbels, Christina
  3. Wubbels, Jan Hendrik
  4. Wubbels, Garrit Hendrik
  5. Wubbels, Anna Maria
  6. Wubbels, Gerrit Hendrik
  7. Wubbels, Hendrina
  8. Wubbels, Anna Cornelia

Source References

  1. Netherlands, Gelderland, Winterswijk church records
      • Date: 1798-04-01
      • Page: 1798-04-01
      • 1798 Derk Wubbels & Hendrika Johanna Poppink marriage