Family of Pieterse, Pieter Willem and Cock, Jacomina Helena


Married Husband Pieterse, Pieter Willem
Married Wife Cock, Jacomina Helena
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1872-07-23 Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland  

Groom's Age: 28

Bride's Age: 23

  1. Pieterse, Willemina Hendrika
  2. Pieterse, Pieter Willem
  3. Pieterse, Hendrikus Lubertus
  4. Pieterse, Gustaaf Adolf
  5. Pieterse, Hendrika Jacomina
  6. Pieterse, Jacques

Source References

  1. Netherlands, Utrecht Civil Registration
      • Date: 1872-07-23
      • Page: 1872-07-23
      • 1872 Pieter Willem Pieterse & Jacomina Helene Cock marriage