Bloemendaal, Noord-Holland, Nederland

Latitude 52.40
Longitude 4.62
City Bloemendaal
Country Nederland

Place Map


  1. Bakels, Anna Judith Catharina
  2. Family of Kamerlingh Onnes, Menso and Tutein Nolthenius, Auguste Catharina
  3. Family of van Aken, Hendrik Gerhard and Lucas, Catharina Margaretha Hilletta
  4. Goedings, Jan Albertus
  5. Kamerlingh Onnes, Menso
  6. Kuijt, Gerrit
  7. Laseur, Elisabeth
  8. Lucas, Catharina Margaretha Hilletta
  9. Lucas, Fredrik
  10. Lucas, Peter Lambertus
  11. Tutein Nolthenius, Auguste Catharina
  12. Wilbrink, Hendrika Johanna
  13. van Aken, Hendrik Gerhard