Sukkel, Maria

Also Known As Sukkel, Maria
Birth Name Maasse, Maria
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Baptism 1710-09-21 Amersfoort, Utrecht, Nederland  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gijsberts, Maas
Mother Bos, Rebecca
    Brother     Maassz, Gijsbertus
    Brother     Sukkel, Gerardus
    Sister     Zukkel, Neeltje Maazen
    Brother     Maassz, Dirck
    Brother     Maessz, Cornelis
         Sukkel, Maria
    Sister     Sukkel, Geertruijd
    Sister     Sukkel, Dirkje Maaszen


    Family of La Ret, Jacobus and Sukkel, Maria
Married Husband La Ret, Jacobus
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage Banns 1742-10-05 Amersfoort, Utrecht, Nederland  
Marriage 1742-10-21 Amersfoort, Utrecht, Nederland  
  1. La Ret, Rebecca
  2. La Ret, Abraham
  3. La Ret, Barbara
  4. La Ret, Neeltje
  5. La Ret, Abraham


This web site reports the burial of Maria Sukkel as 1777-03-24, in Amersfoort. However, record not found in


  1. Gijsberts, Maas
    1. Bos, Rebecca
      1. Maassz, Gijsbertus
      2. Sukkel, Gerardus
      3. Zukkel, Neeltje Maazen
      4. Maassz, Dirck
      5. Sukkel, Maria
        1. La Ret, Jacobus
          1. La Ret, Rebecca
          2. La Ret, Abraham
          3. La Ret, Neeltje
          4. La Ret, Barbara
          5. La Ret, Abraham
      6. Sukkel, Geertruijd
      7. Maessz, Cornelis
      8. Sukkel, Dirkje Maaszen


Source References

  1. Netherlands, Utrecht, Amersfoort Hervormd church records
      • Date: 1710-09-21
      • Page: 1710-09-21
      • 1710 Maria Maasse baptism
      • Date: 1742-10-05
      • Page: 1742-10-05
      • 1742 Jacobus La Ret & Maria Sukkel marriage