van Zadelhoff, Hendrika 1a

Birth Name van Zadelhoff, Hendrika
Gender female
Age at Death 72 years, 5 months, 15 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1781-11-05 Lathum, Gelderland, Nederland  
2a 3a
Baptism 1781-11-11 Lathum, Gelderland, Nederland  
Residence 1835-04-30 Westervoort, Gelderland, Nederland  
Death 1854-04-20 Westervoort, Gelderland, Nederland  

Age: 71

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Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father van Zadelhoff, Willem Stevens
Mother ten Bosch, Maria
    Brother     van Zadelhoff, Hendrik
    Sister     van Zadelhoff, Berendina
         van Zadelhoff, Hendrika
    Brother     van Sadelhoff, Geijsbert
    Sister     van Zadelhoff, Neuleken
    Brother     van Zadelhoff, Hendrik
    Sister     van Zadelhoff, Berendina
    Brother     van Zadelhoff, Nicolaas
    Brother     van Zadelhoff, Wander Evert


    Family of ten Bosch, Evert Teunis and van Zadelhoff, Hendrika
Unknown Partner ten Bosch, Evert Teunis
  1. ten Bosch, Wander Evert
  2. ten Bosch, Hendrik
  3. ten Bosch, Willem
  4. ten Bosch, Hendrik


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I05536


  1. van Zadelhoff, Willem Stevens
    1. ten Bosch, Maria
      1. van Zadelhoff, Hendrik
      2. van Zadelhoff, Berendina
      3. van Zadelhoff, Hendrika
        1. ten Bosch, Evert Teunis
          1. ten Bosch, Wander Evert
          2. ten Bosch, Hendrik
          3. ten Bosch, Willem
          4. ten Bosch, Hendrik
      4. van Sadelhoff, Geijsbert
      5. van Zadelhoff, Neuleken
      6. van Zadelhoff, Hendrik
      7. van Zadelhoff, Berendina
      8. van Zadelhoff, Nicolaas
      9. van Zadelhoff, Wander Evert


Source References

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