Moll, Dirk Jan

Birth Name Moll, Dirk Jan
Nick Name Richard
Gender male
Age at Death 78 years, 6 months, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1932-08-04 Nijkerk, Gelderland, Nederland  
Emigration 1953-08-10 Canada  
Occupation 1954-10-06   Baker
Death 2011-02-17 Guelph, Ontario, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Moll, Gerrit
Mother van de Bunt, Johanna Maria
    Sister     Moll, Gerrie
    Sister     Moll, Manna
    Brother     Moll, Hermen
         Moll, Dirk Jan
    Sibling     Moll, NN


    Family of Moll, Dirk Jan and Kommer, Corrie
Married Wife Kommer, Corrie
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1954-10-06 Kingston, Ontario, Canada  
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  1. Moll, Gerrit
    1. van de Bunt, Johanna Maria
      1. Moll, NN
      2. Moll, Gerrie
      3. Moll, Manna
      4. Moll, Hermen
      5. Moll, Dirk Jan
        1. Kommer, Corrie


Source References

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        Mr. G. Moll
        Mrs. G. Moll
        Mr. H. Moll
        Mr. D. J. Moll
        Mr. H. Moll
        Mr. F. H. Moll
        Mr. G. Moll
        Miss J. M. Moll
        Miss A. M. Moll
        Mast. A. J. Moll
        Mast. A. Moll
        Miss T. C. Moll

  3. First Christian Reformed Church, Kingston, Ontario
      • Date: 1954-10-06
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        (From Ed Moll)

        "Dirk Jan Moll (Age: 22, Occupation: Baker, Born: Nijkerk, Holland) and Corry Moll (nee Kommer) (Age: 20, Born: Batavia, Indonesia) were married on October 6, 1954 at First Christian Reformed Church of Kingston by Rev. D. Mellema."

      • Date: 2011-05-07
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        MOLL, Dirk (Richard) Jan (August 4, 1932 - February 17, 2011) Richard Moll was a teacher… both by intent and accident. Among the many things learned from him: Simplicity is worth something; simple is not. There is a difference between hurt and injured. Working with your hands IS working with your brain. Passion will kill you a hundred times, but it’s the truest friend you will ever know. One of thirteen children, Richard was born in Nijkerk, Holland to Johanna Maria van de Bunt and Gerrit Moll. In his youth, he worked with a travelling circus walking tightropes between church steeples. As a Sergeant in the Dutch Army, he took part in the search and rescue mission during the 1953 North Sea Flood. The post-economic effects of WWII (and the small detail of tanks "not making the corner" and running through the family-owned bakery not once but three times) made it difficult for the family to stay in Holland. Richard made the decision to leave the army and in 1953 he boarded a ship, the Grote Beer, in Rotterdam to emigrate to Canada with the rest of his family. Richard was craftsman who found beauty in even the simplest of things. As the Head Chef for the London Club for 27 years, he took pride in creating spectacular meals and cutting blocks of ice into sculptures. He was a painter who developed his talent to replicate the European masters because he "detested mediocrity"; always the devil's advocate, he would prompt the most controversial debates. Richard enjoyed to sail and to travel the world. In his later years, the place Richard loved the most was his cottage on the shoreline of Lake Erie. We will miss bringing him his usual Double Double, Apple Fritter, pickled herring, and cheese. Body to ashes, ashes to water water to fire, fire to music Handel meets Wagner as Valkyries bring this old warrior home, the young remember a recipe for white wine steamed mussels and the enduring wonder of Bach and Gigli on scratched vinyl... Richard suffered a massive stroke in 1998 and for 12 years he undertook the most courageous battle of his life. He went out fighting, like a warrior, fearlessly taking on life and death by storming it, regardless, head on. When the water smoke clears we will carry him in the blue-steel spring of grandchildren and memories. Dirk (Richard) Jan Moll will be missed by his three children, Edward, Richard, and Sorouja, his three grandchildren, Baritte, Simon and Stanley, his brothers and sisters, and nephews and nieces. He will be fondly remembered by Susan Wong, Neil Williamson, the Williamson family, Elaine Moll, his Port Bruce community, his family at Riverside Glen Long Term Care in Guelph, Ontario, and all the people he met along the way. A celebration for his life will be held at Port Bruce, Ontario (Waneeta Beach on the shoreline of Lake Erie) in the evening on Saturday, July 2, 2011. As requested, he will go out like a Viking with Wagner, bonfires, and fireworks. Richard’s artwork will be auctioned with proceeds given to The Hospital For Sick Children. For information concerning the "life celebration" or the on-line auction, please contact Scott Young at the WALL-CUSTANCE FUNERAL HOME & CHAPEL , 519-822-0051 or A tree will be planted in memory of Dirk (Richard) Moll in the Wall-Custance Memorial Forest, University of Guelph Arboretum. Dedication service, Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 2:30 pm.

  5. Direct information from Johanna Moll
      • Page: General