Egberts, Jacoba Paulina 1a

Birth Name Egberts, Jacoba Paulina
Gender female
Age at Death 85 years, 7 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1887-01-09 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland  

The bevolkingsregister for Utrecht lists Jacoba Paulina Egberts as born in Arnhem. That is incorrect. She was born in Deventer.

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Residence 1887-12-06 Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland Wijk J Krijtstraat 39
Death 1972-08-09    
Burial   Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland 2e Begraafplaats Kovelswade Koningsweg 45 Utrecht


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Egberts, Evert
Mother Florissen, Adriana Hendrica
    Brother     Egberts, Herman Johan
    Brother     Egberts, Herman Jacobus Floris
         Egberts, Jacoba Paulina
    Sister     Egberts, Johanna Hermina
    Sister     Egberts, Adriana Hendrica


  1. Egberts, Evert
    1. Florissen, Adriana Hendrica
      1. Egberts, Herman Johan
      2. Egberts, Herman Jacobus Floris
      3. Egberts, Jacoba Paulina
      4. Egberts, Johanna Hermina
      5. Egberts, Adriana Hendrica


Source References

  1. Online Begraafplaatsen
      • Page: Adriana Hendrica Egberts, A H Florissen, Jacoba Paulina Egberts
      • Adriana Hendrica Egberts, A H Florissen, Jacoba Paulina Egberts
      • Citation:

        Informatie behorende bij foto nr. 1094371

        Begraafplaats: 2e Begraafplaats Kovelswade Koningsweg 45 Utrecht

        Naam geb. ovl. e.v.
        Adriana Hendrica Egberts 27-08-1891 10-03-1965 Louis
        A.H. Florissen 27-08-1849 25-02-1932 Egberts
        Jacoba Paulina Egberts 09-01-1887 09-08-1972


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      • Date: 1887-01-09
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      • 1887 Jacoba Paulina Egberts birth
  3. Netherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht, Bevolkingsregister
      • Date: 1887-12-06
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      • Utrecht 1880 1890 Wijk J Krijtstraat 39