Walsem, Alida Jeanette van 1a

Birth Name van Walsem, Alida Jeanette
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Residence 1897-02-11 Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland   1a


Family of Balsem, Nicolaas Cornelis and Walsem, Alida Jeanette van

Unknown Partner Balsem, Nicolaas Cornelis ( * calculated 1836 + before 1897-02-11 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Balsem, Alida Jeanette1873-02-071946


    1. Walsem, Alida Jeanette van
      1. Balsem, Nicolaas Cornelis
        1. Balsem, Alida Jeanette

Source References

  1. Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Civil Registration (Noord-Hollands Archief)
      • Date: 1897-02-11
      • Page: 1897-02-11
      • 1897 Gerard Visser & Alida Jeanette Balsem marriage