Laseur, Hendrik

Birth Name Laseur, Hendrik
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Baptism 1794-03-16 Amersfoort, Utrecht, Nederland  
1a 2a
Burial 1794-11-03 Amersfoort, Utrecht, Nederland  

It is assumed that this is the burial record of the Hendrik Laseur born in 1794 since this is the only burial record of a child of Evert Laseur between the births of the two Hendrik Laseur's.



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Laseur, Evert
Mother van Doornik, Willemijntje
    Sister     Laseur, Jannetje
    Sister     Laseur, Engeltje
         Laseur, Hendrik
    Brother     Laseur, Hendrik
    Sister     Laseur, Hendrika
    Sister     Laseur, Evertjen
    Brother     Laseur, Nicolaas


  1. Laseur, Evert
    1. van Doornik, Willemijntje
      1. Laseur, Jannetje
      2. Laseur, Engeltje
      3. Laseur, Evertjen
      4. Laseur, Nicolaas
      5. Laseur, Hendrik
      6. Laseur, Hendrik
      7. Laseur, Hendrika


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