Dirrics, Franck

Birth Name Dirrics, Franck
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1625 Oldebroek, Gelderland, Nederland  
1a 1b


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Francksen, Dirric
Mother Gerrits, Merrighjen
         Dirrics, Franck
    Sister     Dirrics, Henrickjen
    Brother     Dircks, Beert
    Brother     Dircks, Gerrit
    Sister     Dirrics, Aaltjen
    Sister     Dercxs, Merrichien
Father Francksen, Dirric
Stepmother Tymens, Marrie
    Half-brother     Dircksen, Jan


    Family of Dirrics, Franck and Egberts, Trijntje
Married Wife Egberts, Trijntje
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage about 1660    
1a 1b


  1. Francksen, Dirric
    1. Gerrits, Merrighjen
      1. Dircks, Beert
      2. Dirrics, Franck
        1. Egberts, Trijntje
      3. Dirrics, Henrickjen
      4. Dircks, Gerrit
      5. Dirrics, Aaltjen
      6. Dercxs, Merrichien


Source References

  1. Wim Vosselman: Kwartierstaat van Klaas LABOTS / Pedigree of Klass LABOTS
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