Pieterse, Jacques

Birth Name Pieterse, Jacques
Gender male
Age at Death 73 years, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1884-09-23 Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland  
Death 1957-10-13 Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland  

Age: 73



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Pieterse, Pieter Willem
Mother Cock, Jacomina Helena
    Sister     Pieterse, Willemina Hendrika
    Brother     Pieterse, Pieter Willem
    Brother     Pieterse, Hendrikus Lubertus
    Brother     Pieterse, Gustaaf Adolf
    Sister     Pieterse, Hendrika Jacomina
         Pieterse, Jacques


    Family of Pieterse, Jacques and Kraak, Anthonia Gerarda
Unknown Partner Kraak, Anthonia Gerarda


  1. Pieterse, Pieter Willem
    1. Cock, Jacomina Helena
      1. Pieterse, Willemina Hendrika
      2. Pieterse, Pieter Willem
      3. Pieterse, Hendrikus Lubertus
      4. Pieterse, Gustaaf Adolf
      5. Pieterse, Hendrika Jacomina
      6. Pieterse, Jacques
        1. Kraak, Anthonia Gerarda


Source References

  1. Netherlands, Utrecht Civil Registration
      • Date: 1884-09-23
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  2. Netherlands, Utrecht, civil registration (Het Utrechts Archief)
      • Date: 1957-10-13
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