Onnes, Claasien

Birth Name Onnes, Claasien
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Baptism 1789-05-07 Groningen, Nederland  
Death 1863-09-25 Sappemeer, Groningen, Nederland  

Age: 74



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Onnes, Jeipe
Mother Noorthoorn, Heilina Bartelts
    Sister     Onnes, Klasiene
    Sister     Onnes, Dievertien
    Brother     Onnes, Onne Elles
    Brother     Onnes, Barteld
    Brother     Onnes, Jeipe
    Brother     Onnes, Jan
    Sister     Onnes, Dievertien
    Brother     Onnes, Klaas
    Sister     Onnes, Claasjen
         Onnes, Claasien
    Brother     Onnes, Heijke


    Family of Smith, Regneres and Onnes, Claasien
Unknown Partner Smith, Regneres


  1. Onnes, Jeipe
    1. Noorthoorn, Heilina Bartelts
      1. Onnes, Heijke
      2. Onnes, Barteld
      3. Onnes, Claasien
        1. Smith, Regneres
      4. Onnes, Jeipe
      5. Onnes, Jan
      6. Onnes, Dievertien
      7. Onnes, Klasiene
      8. Onnes, Dievertien
      9. Onnes, Onne Elles
      10. Onnes, Klaas
      11. Onnes, Claasjen


Source References

  1. Netherlands, Groningen, Groningen Hervormd church records
      • Date: 1789-05-07
      • Page: 1789-05-07
      • 1789 Claasien Onnes baptism
  2. Netherlands, Groningen civil registration, 1811-1940
      • Date: 1863-09-25
      • Page: 1863-09-25
      • 1863 Claasien Onnes death