Gijsbertsen, Jacob 1a

Birth Name Gijsbertsen, Jacob
Gender male


    Family of Gijsbertsen, Jacob and Wouters, Hendrikje
Unknown Partner Wouters, Hendrikje
  1. Jacobs, Jan
  2. Jacobsen, Wouter
  3. Jacobs, Marritje
  4. Jacobsen, Gerrit


There appears to be two people with the name Jacob Gijsbertsen in Voorthuizen. There's a baptism record dated 1744-07-12 for Wijmpje, dochter van Jacob Gijsbertsen en Maria Harmens. It may be impossible to positively identify a baptism record for Jacob Gijsbertsen.


    1. Gijsbertsen, Jacob
      1. Wouters, Hendrikje
        1. Jacobs, Marritje
        2. Jacobsen, Wouter
        3. Jacobs, Jan
        4. Jacobsen, Gerrit

Source References

  1. Netherlands, Gelderland, Voorthuizen church records
      • Date: 1745-10-10
      • Page: 1745-10-10
      • 1745 Jan Jacobs baptism