Groote Beer Passenger List – August 1953

In August 1953, my mother, Johanna Maria Moll, came to Canada on the S.S. Groote Beer, along with her parents and nine siblings. Of the remaining siblings, one arrived in Canada a year earlier, another emigrated a year later, and one more stayed in the Netherlands.

About 20 years ago, I downloaded a passenger list for that voyage. As far as I can tell, the website that hosted that passenger list is no longer active, so now I offer that list here.

The Groote Beer left Rotterdam for Montreal on August 10, 1953. Along the way, she stopped in Le Havre, Southampton, and Quebec City. My mother and her family disembarked at Montreal and then traveled by train to Kingston, Ontario.

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  1. Thank you for posting this 🙂 My grandparents along with my dad and aunts were on this sailing. The Stolp family. By chance do you have a higher resolution copy of the map? I’d love to print it for my dad, he loves boating, I think he’d love this!

  2. Thank you for publishing this passenger list. I’ve been searching for the lists for my parents, who came to Canada from Holland on separate trips on the Groot Beer in the early 1950’s. This list has my Mom’s family on it – Hogerwaard. Still looking for my Dad’s!

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