Guildwood Park – June 2009

Summer finally arrived to Guildwood. The first official day of Summer brought along the warm weather we expect for this time of year. Summer also brough along the mosquitos, an all too common pest within Guildwood Park where the winds are calmed by the tall trees.

The interior of the woods are now relatively dark, with most light filtered by the canopy of leaves. Enough light reaches the ground, though, to support a carpet of vegetation. At the edge of the bluffs, there are still spots accessible where you can enjoy the view of the lake.

Guildwood Park - June 2009

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June 2009 #1
Stump and fallen tree.
June 2009 #2
Swamp buttercups.
June 2009 #3
Muddy path through the wetlands.
June 2009 #4
Fence on the western boundary of the park.
June 2009 #5
View to the west from the top of the bluffs.
June 2009 #6
View to the east from the top of the bluffs.
June 2009 #7
Fallen trees.
June 2009 #8
View of the lake through the trees.
June 2009 #9
Edge of the bluffs, with sailboats in the distance.
June 2009 #10
Walking through the trees south of the Guild Inn grounds.
June 2009 #11
Outcropping of the bluffs.
June 2009 #12
View to the east.
June 2009 #13
Guild Inn.