Guildwood Village – The Winter of 1999

Photo of our street, January 3, 1999

The first weekend of 1999 brought a record snowfall to the Toronto area. The first snow plough arrived on our street two days after the snow started. Although we shovelled out the driveway on Sunday morning, we couldn’t drive out onto the street until Tuesday!

By the middle of January, many side streets in Toronto were still in need of ploughing. But then, another big snow storm fell on the city:

Photo of our street, January 17, 1999

By this time, Toronto had already received more snow within two weeks than we normally get all winter! Some snowbanks on our street were over two meters high.

Shovelled driveway, January 17, 1999

Needless to say, the public works department was not well prepared for this. Even the military had to be called in to help!