Guildwood Village


panoramic view towards center of Guildwood Village
Panoramic view towards center of Guildwood Village


Guildwood Village is a pleasant community in southern Scarborough. This page lists some general information about the community for residents and visitors.

According to the City of Toronto, .Guildwood Village is defined as the area bounded on the east by West Hill Creek; on the north by the CN tracks; on the west by Scarborough Golf Club Road, Bethune Boulevard, Sylvan Avenue, and Rogate Place; and on the south by Lake Ontario.

map of Guildwood Village

We’ve moved! As a result, we can no longer keep this information up to date.

Why did we make this big step? Well, although Guildwood Village is a nice place to live, and we loved living in Toronto, we felt that it wasn’t really the best place to raise our daughter. Just consider the presence nearby of gangs and drugs. We know someone who has actually overheard teenagers in Guildwood Plaza bragging about their drug deals!

We’re now in a much smaller and more relaxed city, close to family, and close to some good schools.

Head’s up: Wind Power and Guildwood.

Guildwood Junior Public School
Guildwood Junior Public School


Guildwood Day 2008
Guildwood Day