Hull Chelsea Wakefield Railway

HCW locomotive
HCW locomotive 909 at the head of the train in Hull.

The Hull Chelsea Wakefield train has been carrying tourists along former CP tracks between Hull and Wakefield since 1992. Although the company tried to find a suitable Canadian train for the excursion, they were unable to do so. But they were able to buy a couple of locomotives and a number of coaches from Sweden.

On board the train, expect to be entertained along the 90 minute ride to Wakefield. During the two hour stopover in Wakefield, you can watch as the locomotive is turned around. Afterwards, you can spend your time having lunch along the scenic Gatineau River, and visiting the local souvenir and gift shops.

HCW locomotive
Locomotive 909 on the turntable at Wakefield.

The 2-8-0 locomotive was built in Sweden in 1907. In 1945, it was taken out of service and put into storage awaiting a time when the train might need to be brought back into service. In 1964, it was put into use again for a few years hauling tourist trains in Sweden. When the Cold War ended in 1990, Sweden decided to sell off its reserve of steam locomotives.

HCW locomotive
Rolling stock at the water tower.

The HCW train consists of steam locomotive 909 at the head followed by a diesel shunter and a number of coaches. The diesel locomotive is used for shunting in Wakefield. When the train arrives in Wakefield, the steam locomotive is detached and pulls into a siding. The rest of the train moves ahead. Locomotive 909 is turned around on a turntable, while the diesel shunter moves to the back of the train. After taking on water, the steam engine, now facing south, moves to its place at the head of the train.

HCW locomotive
The train leaving Wakefield.

In Wakefield, passengers have the option of reboarding the train at a platform at the south end of the village. This allows people the opportunity to visit the village during their stay in Wakefield. It also allows rail fans one more opportunity to see the train in motion.

HCW locomotive
HCW train approaching platform at Wakefield.

Former CP track at Wakefield.