Kingston – Lemoine Point

Collins Bay
View of Collins Bay from Lemoine Point.

Lemoine Point is the area on the southern shore of Collins Bay. Much of the land has fortunately been kept as a conservation area, and so the walking trails and rugged waterfront landscape can be appreciated by all. However, there has been pressure in the past to turn the land into suburban development. But unlike the northern shore of the bay, Lemoine Point has remained in a more or less natural state.

Technically, Lemoine Point is the southern-most tip of land to the west of Horsey Bay. Private land occupies the point, including a farm. North of the farm, along the southern shore of Collins Bay is the Lemoine Point Conservation Area. East of that is the Norman Rogers Airport, which has served as a buffer between the conservation area and the suburban sprawl to the east. The airport began as a training school for military pilots. Today, it hosts recreational flyers and commercial service with flights to bigger cities, like Toronto, Ottawa, and Syracuse.

Lemoine Point
View to the south-west, one of the Brothers Islands at the right.

I don’t know how old I was when I first hiked in the park. But I returned many times, especially after the conservation area was established and the good walking trails were built. It’s also a good place for cross-country skiing. The lack of steep hills make it a good spot for beginners. Once, in one cold winter, some of us even skied across the bay to the mouth of Collins Creek.

Lemoine Point

Trail in Lemoine Point Conservation Area
Walking trail in the park, early spring.