Kingston – Sydenham Ward

Photo of McIntosh Castle
McIntosh Castle, built 1852, Sydenham Street.

Sydenham Ward is the most historic quarter of Kingston, stretching from the downtown shopping district to City Park. Walking through the ward, you can encounter numerous historic old buildings, such as the curious McIntosh Castle pictured above. Many old buildings are used as apartments, often by university students.

Photo of Custom House
Custom House, King Street.

Photo of Frontenac County Courthouse
Frontenac County Courthouse

The courthouse was built in 1855-58 from limestone quarried on the site, and is the dominant feature of City Park. The building was rebuilt following the original plans after a fire in 1875.

47 Wellington Street
47 Wellington Street

47 Wellington Street was built in 1873 as a teachers school. It was later used as a badminton club in 1927. In 1943, it was used by HMCS Cataraqui, and later used as a Queen’s lab. In 1975, it was sold again and converted into apartments.