March 14 Ukulele Jam

Greetings, Kingston ukulele players!

It’s time again for our regular ukulele jam! This time, under our new schedule. Come join us this Wednesday, March 14, 7pm at the Legion in Collins Bay. Bring your favorite songs if you like. Or you can sit back and strum along with the group. If you want to practice before the jam, check out the “Kingston Ukulele Society” folder on Dropbox for songs that some of us will bring. (Send me an e-mail if you want access to that folder.)

We’ll start the jam with a bit of a workshop, to practice one particular song I’ve chosen. If you want to hear the song before-hand, it’s “Out Of Nowhere”, played by Jeff Healey. You can find it at Spotify. (Click here, and listen to track 4.) It’s a great old jazz standard with some interesting chords.

Remember, we jam at the Collins Bay Legion, 4034 Bath Road, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month (excluding holidays). 7pm. If you haven’t yet printed off your own copy of our favorites document, you can download it here. There’s no cost to the jam, but do show your appreciation to our hosts by visiting the bar, or at least dropping a buck or two in the tip jar. Click here for more details.

Cheers! Hans

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