More Tangled Interrelationships in Arnhem

In my previous posting, I discussed some tangled interrelationships in the city of Arnhem, in the southern part of the province of Gelderland. Today, I continue the discussion. In the previous missive, I considered one line of descendants of Jan de Roos (1756-1810) and Evertjen Evers (1750-1791). In this, I look at some of their other descendants.

As before, blue indicates my distant cousins.

First, we have what I believe is the marriage between third cousins, Jan de Roos and Evertjen Evers. Their common ancestors (not shown) are Steven Berends van Sadelhoff and Hendrina Willems. However, this conclusion is based on secondary sources which I can’t confirm in the records publicly available. Of course, details get more and more sketchy the further back you go. So the best you can do is make your guess and document the reasons behind it.

The next thing to note is a connection between two separate ancestral lines, with the marriage of Lubbertus Moll (1812-1877) and Everdiena de Roos (1818-1894). Lubbert was my second cousin four times removed, and Everdiena was my third cousin four times removed. (Looking at their descendants in my database, I see some more tangles that I haven’t discussed yet in this blog.)

The Moll’s and de Roos’ both also have a common connection to an in-law family, the descendants of Pouwel Baerents and Mechtelijna van Someren. On the Moll side, it’s with the marriage of Lubbert Wander Moll (1802-1886) and Megchelina Raadman (1815-1893), the grand-daughter of Pouwel Baerents.

On the de Roos side, the Baerents’ have numerous connections to the de Roos’. First, note the marriages between two de Roos siblings with two Berends’ siblings. Two generations later, there’s yet another marriage.

Anyways, it’s back to the research. There are always still unexplored alleys in this adventure.

Cheers! Hans


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