More Tangled Webs in Nijkerk

Whenever I add an in-law to my database, I usually do some additional checking on that person. Using WieWasWie, it doesn’t take long to make a rough sketch of someone’s pedigree. Occasionally, I find a connection to some existing person in my database. That seems to happen more and more these days. That’s probably inevitable since I’ve recently surpassed 14,000 individuals in my database!

Today’s chart overlaps another chart I did about four years ago, mapping out some Tangled Webs in Nijkerk. In that chart, I noted that I had connections to three children of Jacob van den Pol and Aaltje Koppen. More recently, I’ve found an additional three children with connections to my distant cousins. (It may help to open this chart in a new browser window.)

In this chart, red indicates my ancestors, blue indicates other blood relatives, and yellow indicates the family of Jacob van den Pol and Aaltje Koppen. Not shown are other children of Jacob and Aaltje that have no connections.

First, consider Cornelis van den Pol (1800-1885). Two of his children, Hendrina and Jacob married distant cousins Lubbert Beukers and Geurtje Woudenberg (respectively).

Next, Jan van den Pol (1805-1879) had a daughter, Aaltje, who married distant cousin Mathijs van der Heiden. This was the second marriage for Mathijs. He’ll come up again in a few paragraphs.

Gerrit van den Pol (1807-1877) married blood relative Aaltje van Werkhoven.

Johannes van den Pol (1811-1890) had a grand-daughter who married my second cousin twice removed Geertrui van de Bunt.

Arend van den Pol (1813-1879) was the father of Margrietje, first wife of Mathijs van der Heiden, mentioned before.

Finally, Gijsbert van den Pol (1824-1893) married my second cousin three times removed Aaltje van Woudenberg. Their son Evert married another distant cousin, Antje Beukers.

At the top of the chart, note the two people, Jan Koppen and Klaas Koppen. They lived in Nijkerk at the same time, one married in 1780, the other in 1785. It’s perhaps not unreasonable to assume that they might be brothers. However, so far, I can find no evidence linking them together.

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