Niagara Falls
Example of the kind of souvenir available in Niagara.

The Niagara Peninsula can be found at the southern part of the province of Ontario, bounded by Lake Erie to the south, Lake Ontario to the north, and the Niagara River to the east. The land consists of two plains separated by the Niagara Escarpment. The Escarpment stretches from Queenston on the Niagara River, through Hamilton, and ends 725km away at Manitoulin Island.

Niagara Falls
Some of the tourists visiting Niagara.

The Niagara region is a popular destination for tourists. We heard of one person who visited Niagara four years ago with a list of about 30 places she wanted to see. She didn’t see all of them, and so returned every year since. Now, her list of things to do has grown to over 300!

Niagara Falls
Some of the tourists visiting Niagara, and getting wet.

What’s there to see in Niagara? Plenty! The region is home to dozens of wineries. You can tour the vineyards, sample the vintages, and buy a few bottles of your favorites. There are historical sites, especially related to battles of the War of 1812. Niagara on the Lake is a well preserved early 19th century town known for the Shaw Festival.

For fans of shipping, you can watch lake freighters go through the locks of the Welland Canal. For gamblers, you can lose your money in a couple of casinos. And if you’re interested in wax museums, you can get your fill on Clifton Hill.

Niagara Falls
More tourists visiting Niagara.

Another popular attraction is the Butterfly Conservatory on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens. Those interested in even more flying creatures can also visit the aviary, where you can feed Australian Lorikeets. And for those looking for a bit of peace, you can visit a Buddhist temple.

Niagara Falls
10,000 Buddhas Temple.

Did I leave anything out? Some would argue that the main feature of the area is its natural beauty, with the Niagara Falls as the star attraction. These may not be the tallest or widest falls in the world, but they’re perhaps the biggest falls that are easily accessible to a large number of people.