In this section of our web site, we discuss places we’ve been to and places where we’ve lived. We’ve divided our experiences into a number of different sections. Check the menus at the left and below to wander through our travels.


Toronto is where we live. It’s the largest city in Canada, and perhaps the most cosmopolitan in North America. It’s a community that revels in the diversity of its inhabitants.

Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario is rather atypical compared with the rest of Canada. Most people live in urban areas in a 900km long strip between Windsor and Cornwall.

Northern Ontario

Unlike the south, northern Ontario is much more typical of the Canadian landscape. Here you find scattered communities separated by vast areas of wilderness. You can find English, French, and native culture. You can also visit remote sub-Arctic communities.


We enjoy our visits to Europe immensely. That’s where western civilization started, and you can find history going back millennia.


This is a place for relaxation and enjoyment among a wide variety of different islands.

The Rest of North America

Compared to Europe, North America is really not terribly friendly to tourism. Good comfortable inexpensive accommodation is not as easy to find. Bed-and-breakfast accommodation is available, but is often not much cheaper than hotels. Furthermore, you often need to drive hours and hours to get from place to place. Still, there are interesting places to visit throughout Canada and the United States.

And finally, although no one has ever threatened to blow my head off with a shotgun during my travels in Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe, I can’t say the same about the United States.