Rideau Canal – Brewers Mills

Photo of Rideau Canal Locks 43 and 44 at Brewers Mills
Rideau Canal locks 43 and 44 at Brewers Mills.

A number of scenic spots along the Rideau Canal can be found north of Kingston between the Battersea Road (Montreal Street) and Highway 15. Several side roads run between these two routes. The Upper Brewers Locks (43 and 44) can be reached via Sunbury Road. Upstream from Brewers Mills is Jones Falls. Downstream can be found Kingston Mills.

Photo of Rideau Canal Lock 44 at Brewers Mills
View towards locks 44 at Brewers Mills.

These photos were taken in March, months before the start of boating season along the canal. The following photo shows the swing bridge crossing the canal on Brass Point Road. Burnt Hills Road on the other side of the bridge is a scenic dirt road winding past cottages and lakes leading to Battersea.

Photo of bridge on Brass Point Road
Bridge on Brass Point Road.