20,000 Blackjack Puzzles

I call these “Blackjack Puzzles” since they have 21 seed values. (Most of the others on this site have at least 24.) This alone may make the puzzles more difficult. However, apart from that, the difficulty of these puzzles spans the entire range of possible difficulties. Most need just the “standard” solving techniques, but some need the “advanced” solving techniques.

In order to generate these puzzles in a reasonable amount of time, I made a change to my Sudoku program. Before, during puzzle generation, my program chose available cells at random. To speed things up, I added the option to choose from the cells with the greatest number of possibilities. This sped up the generation of Blackjack puzzles by about 15-20 times! This also resulted in more balanced initial patterns. Many of these puzzles have just two or three seed values per group, and most have no empty groups. But in general, this technique also seems to result in fewer really difficult puzzles.

The puzzles are available in printable form as PDF files. Each file contains 100 puzzles, with 2 puzzles per page.

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