Tangled Interrelationships in Arnhem

Face it, genealogy can be boring. Sometimes, I get bored after processing just a few birth, marriage, or death records. But there are times when things get interesting, and I can’t wait to see what comes up next in my research. That happens typically when I see the same surname crop up multiple times, or when I see a surname I’ve come across before. I can’t resist digging further to see if there’s a connection.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been researching distant cousins in the Arnhem area with surname de Roos.  The following photo shows the notes I’ve taken during this time, five pages of drop charts mapping out the tangled interrelationships.

There’s too much information to cram into one post, so today I’ll concentrate on just one page, the page at the lower left, where I started this particular line of research.


In this drop chart, blue indicates distant cousins. While researching the inlaws of my third cousin four times removed Jan de Roos (1821-1886), I noticed the name van Grootheest appearing multiple times. It turned out that Jan’s daughter Johanna WIllemina de Roos (1862-1915) married her first cousin Willem Hendrik Nikkel (1852-1928). Their common grandparents were Willem Hendriksen van Grootheest (1796-1872) and Maartje Willemsen van Grootheest (1786-1841). With the same surname, I had to find out if those two were cousins.

I quickly found the names of their fathers. But the trail turned cold. Hendrik Petersen van Grootheest (1767-1833) and Willem Petersen v Grootheest (1753-1824) were both born in Bennekom. However, familysearch.org did not have the church records for that village. I then did a Google search, which turned up some genealogies indicating that the two were brothers, with father Peter Hendriksen.

I don’t like citing secondary sources, so I asked on-line if the church records for Bennekom were somewhere on-line. I quickly got the answer that the records were indeed on familysearch.org, and could be reached through the web site zoekakten.nl.

Very grateful, I then easily found the baptism records I was looking for. It turned out that there was a different mother listed on the two baptisms: Maartjen Hendriksen and Willemtjen Tijmensen. There were several possibilities: First was that one of the names on the baptisms was incorrect. Not likely, but I have seen cases like that. Second, there could have been two people named Peter Hendriksen in Bennekom. Third, and most likely, was that Peter Hendriksen was married twice. I needed to dig a bit further.

So here’s the vital piece of evidence, the marriage banns record showing Peter’s second marriage in 1757:

There are a couple of lessons from this: First, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on familysearch.org, check out zoekakten.nl. Second, although secondary sources may be helpful, don’t fully trust them. Go to the primary sources.

Cheers! Hans

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