The Tangled Web In Rheden

A Bridge Between my Moll and van Sadelhof Ancestors

I was casually recording information about some distant cousins with surname Brouwer, descendants of my Moll ancestors, and I came upon one distant cousin named Christian Brouwer, born 1847 in Zevenaar.  As I sometimes do, I did some searching on his wife’s family.

Christiaan Brouwer was married to Cornelia Jurriens, born 1843 in Rheden, a place that was home to many other cousins and ancestors. Her mother was Johanna Belder, born 1811 in Velp, a village just west of Rheden. When I found a few other people with surname Belder in my database, I had to dig further. Quickly, I discovered connections between the Belder family and my van Sadelhof ancestors.

In this drop chart, red indicates my ancestors and blue indicates other blood relatives. Most of these people lived in Rheden or in neighboring villages such as Velp. (To follow along better, open the chart in a new window.)

First, I must note that as we go further back in time, the evidence becomes more and more sketchy. But we do the best we can with what we have.

Within the van Sadelhof family, we see a couple of cases of cosanguinuity (or marriage between cousins). In 1774, Antonij van Sadelhof (born 1747) married his second cousin Bartjen van Sadelhof (born 1748). And in 1790, Jan van Sadelhof (1754-1831) married his third cousin Hendrina Wamsteker (1773-1820).

Not shown in this chart, the first wife of Jan van Sadelhof was Jenneke Brouwer (born 1759 in Lathum). Her sister Fenneken Brouwer (1761-1801) married Jan’s brother Willem (1759-1831).

But let’s get back to the main theme of this posting, the bridge between my van Sadelhof ancestors and my Moll ancestors. Jan Belder (1745-1797) married twice. First in 1788 in Rozendaal to Anna Maria Ekses (died 1789), and then in 1790 in Lathum to Gardina Hermsen (born 1766 in Lathum).

From his first marriage, Jan Belder’s son Martien Hendrik Belder (1789-1849) married Hendrika van Sadelhof (1792-1858). And from his second marriage, Jan’s son Hendrik Belder (1793-1827) married Margrieta van Sadelhof (1791-1863). Both weddings occurred in 1812.

Jan Belder’s brother Cornelis Belder (1754-1832) was married in 1808 in Velp to Enneken de Winkel (1785-1866). These were the grand-parents of Cornelia Jurriens, mentioned back at the beginning of this tome, thus completing the bridge between the van Sadelhof’s and the Moll’s.

Some additional notes: Note that there’s another Belder, Teuntje Belder (1745-1799), who was married to a distant cousin, Willem Wamsteker (1717-1784). It isn’t yet clear if she is related to the other Belder’s in the chart. Also, the name Brouwer shows up a few times. Unless otherwise indicated, no relationship is known between them.

Anyways, this particular diversion opened up several new avenues of research, which I hope to get back to once I resume my research on the Brouwer’s.

Cheers! Hans


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