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Toronto Curiosities

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Tall House
Curious tall house on Coxwell Avenue. April 1005.
Along the Don Valley Parkway, near Don Mills Road, you can see these, um, er, ... I don't know what the heck these are!
DVP Rainbow
One day, this rainbow magically appeared along the Don Valley Parkway, greeting motorists on their way home from work. The city, of course, painted over this graffiti, but the rainbow continued to re-appear. Eventually, the city tired of this game and allowed the rainbow to stay.
CityPulse car
CHUM-CITY building, 299 Queen Street West.
Cube house
House shaped like three cubes, Eastern Avenue.
White House
Ornately decorated house near Christie Pits. June 2002.
Big Lily Cup
Big Lily Cup, Danforth Road.
Bailey Bridge
Bailey bridges are temporary structures intended to replace bridges destroyed during war or by natural disasters. This Bailey bridge on Old Finch Avenue near the Metro Zoo has been in steady use for at least the past twenty years.
About twenty minutes east of Toronto, along highway 401 in Oshawa, you could find this WWII vintage bomber sitting on top of a warehouse at Seaway Marine. However, the plane is now gone. Just as well, I suppose, since it was clearly in a pretty bad condition.
Painted house
What is this guy trying to say here? July 2001.
Weird Home
A house near Christie Pits with an unusual collection of art in the front yard. June 2002.
A sculpture on the University of Toronto campus. These three triangles are topologically unconnected.
Average Houses
A couple of ordinary single family homes on Bond Street at Leslie.
Many cities have streets named after presidents of the United States. But where can you find intersecting streets named after a president and his vice-president?
House on Chester
An unusually decorated house near the Chester subway station.