Toronto – Murality

Toronto is no amural city. Like many others, Toronto has its share of public art.

Toronto Murality

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Second Cup mural on Yorkville
Second Cup mural overlooking parking lot on Yorkville Avenue.
Back of Gooderham Building
Tromp l'oeil artwork on rear wall of Gooderham Building.
Mural at Kennedy TTC Station
Mural on wall of Kennedy TTC station. Frank Perna, 1997.
Mural in Parkdale
Mural in Parkdale. It shows the Press Building on the Exhibition grounds.
Mural in Parkdale
Fantasy mural in Parkdale. June 2001.
Tropical Harvest, Kensington Market
Advertisement for a store in the Kensington Market neighborhood.
Pizza Pizza mural on Queen Street
Wall of Pizza Pizza takeout on Queen Street West.
St Stephens Community House
St Stephens Community House, Harbord Street.
Wall art on College Street.
Queen Street West
A mural with public transit theme on wall of beer store on Queen Street West. June 2001.
Bamboo Club mural
Wall of Bamboo Club on Queen Street West.
Bamboo Club mural
Wall of Bamboo Club on Queen Street West.
Flower on College Street
Abstract flower pattern on College Street.
Native Mural
Mural depicting native themes along Kingston Road.
Wall art in Kensington Market
Wall art in the Kensington Market neighborhood.