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Bloor & Church

Bloor & Church
Manufacturers Life building, on St. Paul's Square.

Toronto is not especially known for its architecture, as are other big North American cities like New York and Chicago. But there are some nice architectural gems tucked here and there in the city. Take this area for example, with a number of charming old edifices built by financial institutions.

Bloor & Church
Old Crown Life building at Bloor Street East and Church Street.

A few years ago, the owners of the old Crown Life Building (pictured above) paid several million dollars to have the old asbestos insulation removed.

Bloor & Church
View to the east from Bloor and Church.

North of Bloor, Church street veers west, crosses Yonge Street, and changes to Davenport Road at Bay Street.

Bloor & Church
View to the south from Bloor and Church, towards Grace Hospital.

Bloor & Church
Back lane.